Grow your business with
JivoChat for WhatsApp

Connect WhatsApp to JivoChat directly to engage audiences, boost sales and drive better customer service results
on your customers' preferred messenger
2 billion *
active users
Market your business on the world's most popular messaging app
98% *
average open-rate
WhatsApp makes it easy for customers to interact with your brand
50 % *
use chat to make purchases
Your customers are ready to get personalized shopping experience
Increase customer engagement
with WhatsApp campaigns in JivoChat
Scale your WhatsApp marketing yet keep the personal touch with JivoChat campaigns enriched with customer activity data
re-engage inactive customers
present offers to specific audience segments
give personal recommendations
use your brandname to notify your customers
keep your customers updated on the latest news about your products and services
сonduct surveys and collect feedback
Build a flawless support
service in WhatsApp with JivoChat
No extra-fee for messaging: cost for messages is calculated according to Meta's conversation-based pricing.
First 1000 incoming messages per month are free
Increase customer retention by providing quick responses
Answer instantly and be helpful right from the start with canned responses, chat bots and all-in-one tool that makes you effective
Give your team functional toolkit to create better customer experience
JivoChat CRM is a convenient workspace for managing communication and sales processes. It’s easy to search, set reminders and tasks
Monitor agents’ work
Watch teamwork performance: track response speed, number of missed chats, agents’ workload
Captivate customers with personal touch
Enrich your conversations with customer data captured in JivoChat: contact details, tags and categories, agents’ comments, chat history and more
Bring all the communications to one location
Conversations from WhatsApp and other messengers, live chat, social media, email go to JivoChat application so that you don't have to switch between different tabs in search of new messages
Secure your data with JivoChat
Keep your data safe across all the devices your team is using. Chat history and customer data will be always available in your JivoChat account
Take advantage
of the JivoChat benefits
Stay in touch 24/7 with Chat bots
Voice messages support
Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Write faster with the power of AI Assistant