How to use Deals feature

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You can now create deals in JivoChat and move your prospects through your sales pipeline. Also, you can assign tasks to deals. These features can help you visualise the sales process, organise effective customer support and save time spent on routine work.

How to set up a sales pipeline

Start off with setting up your sales pipeline in JivoChat app: you can edit an existing pipeline as well as add a new one.

Go to Manage > CRM settings. Select a funnel to edit or click on ‘Create a new pipeline’.

Let’s configure a new pipeline as an example.

First, insert a name for your funnel.

Then you need to set up the stages, there are main stages and two final stages — ‘Won’ and ‘Lost’.

Main stages are customizable: you can edit them, delete them and add new ones.

Then you can edit a list of ‘Lost reasons’ — options that need to be selected when a prospect's final stage is ‘Lost’.

After that you can select a currency and close the pipeline settings — they are auto-saved.

How to add a deal

You can add a new deal for a client right from the chat with him or her. Simply click on ‘Create new deal’ on the info-panel to do it.

Then you can fill the deal with details, click on its fields to quickly edit them or open deal settings for more complex changes.

Working with a client you might want to assign one or more tasks for the deal. Learn about using tasks in our article "How to use the Task feature".

‘Deals’ in CRM section

All deals are available in ’CRM > Deals’. You can choose kanban or list for a view option.

Kanban view is good for a quick analysis: where in the sales funnel all your deals are and where deals are stalling. You can drag&drop deals to move them to different stages. You can open a chat with a client by clicking on a deal. For better navigation experience use filters and sorts.

The list view allows you to see all existing deals, closed ones included.

Deals statistics

Access Statistics > Pipelines in your JivoChat app to see the report on the deals.

This section will allow you evaluate the effectivity of your managers work. You can see how many deals on each stage are, how much money they bring and how much lost.

Use filters for a better experience. You can select a pipeline, assignee and period in time.

Deals in workflow

Here’re some tips on integrating deals in your workflow:

  • Build a pipeline based on specificities of your business, use only key steps in your sales process when adding the stages.

  • Some of your products/services may have atypical steps when selling them. You can create a special pipeline for them.

  • Add deals from chats and plan your next contact using tasks.

  • ‘Tasks’ in ‘CRM’ section will help you get in touch in time and improve the likelihood of sealing the deal.

  • Use kanban to see if you need to focus on some of the stages.

  • Make a list of the failure reasons. This data will help you know what to focus on and be fully prepared in the future.

That’s all. Now you know how to effectively use deals in JivoChat. Have a productive day!

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