How to add quick phrases to JivoChat

Included for free in plans

Quick phrases are a very useful feature offered in our PRO version to help speed up support and standardize common responses sent in chat. Quick phrases are shared by all operators within the same account.

Adding a quick phrase

First, access your JivoChat application on the Web, Desktop (Windows or Mac), or mobile (Android or iOS) and log in with your account.

Next, start a chat with yourself from the Contact Center page by clicking on "Send a message to yourself".

Within the demo page, or even from your website if you have already installed the chat on it, start a conversation with yourself by sending a message in the chat.

Return to the JivoChat application and accept the conversation that will appear in the "Inbox" section.

After accepting the conversation, it will be transferred to the "My" section of your application. Within the conversation, click on the .. icon at the bottom to open the list of existing quick phrases and then click on "Add phrase".

In the mobile version, click on the "" icon in the bottom left corner of the conversation and then on the edit button located in the top right corner of the screen that will be opened. Then just click on "Add Phrase".

  1. After clicking to add a phrase, write the phrase you want to add.

  2. Choose a shortcut tag in "/", which will be used to quickly find the phrase during a chat

  3. If desired, choose a keyboard shortcut.

  4. Then, click on "Add Phrase".

Edit or Delete a Quick Phrase

To edit or delete a quick phrase, simply open the list of existing quick phrases, hover your mouse pointer over the desired phrase, and click on the edit icon that will appear in the bottom right corner.

Na tela de edição, basta customizar a frase da maneira que desejar e clicar em "Editar" para salvar as modificações, ou clicar em "Deletar" para eliminar a frase da sua conta.

Na versão mobile, clique no ícone "" no canto inferior esquerdo da conversa e depois no botão de edição localizado no canto superior direito da tela que será aberta. Depois basta, clicar no ícone de edição ao lado de qualquer frase existente.

Como as frases rápidas são compartilhadas entre todos os operadores da conta, qualquer modificação realizada afetará todos os operadores.

How to Use Quick Phrases

To use the existing quick phrases in your account during conversations with visitors, simply click manually on the .. icon and select the desired phrase or type the \ or / icon in the conversation text box to open the selection, as shown in the image below.

In the mobile version, click on the "" icon in the bottom left corner of a conversation to select and use a quick phrase.

Done! All modifications made will now be available for your operators to use in customer service.

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